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Gilmore Girls Tribute

<p>Gilmore Girls ended 4 weeks ago *sobs*. Back then I was busy so I didn't have time to write a tribute, but here it is. I first watched Gilmore Girls when it was in its 2nd or 3rd season and since then, it's been my No.1 show. It's a show that's heart-warming, witty, smart, and I really connected with Rory because she went through the same school-related stuff. How many tv shows do you see that actually show the characters going to school for the sake of learning and aiming for colleges, and not to hang out with friends by the lockers (coughtheOCcough)?
Since then I've rewatched Season 1-4, and wow, the show has changed so much. It started as essentially, a family drama, a fast-talking one. Rory started attending Chilton, the private school, while Lorelai worked and went to business school part-time. They both reconnected with the grandparents and were growing up together.
Rory's first boyfriend, Dean. Gosh, remember how he was the perfect, nice boyfriend? He seemed so great until they had that affair after he got married -that was stupid.
Then Rory's second boyfriend, Jess. I liked how he connected with Rory but he was just too much of a jerk back then. Even now, he still remains as a favourite with the fans.
And finally, Rory's first adult boyfriend, Logan. I love love love Logan. I think I've watched the 100th episode, You Jump I Jump Jack so many times I remember the dialogue from the Life and Death Brigade before they jumped.
I was so sad when they broke up! I think what made their break up sadder than other tv break ups for me is that they broke up not because either one of them stopped loving each other or that they had a fight -the circumstances were just not right. Speaking of Season 5, her clothes have been so nice since then. I loved so many of her outfits -the ones that she wore to school and went to dinners in. They're always so simple but never boring and still looked put-together.
OK, enough of Rory's boyfriends. Ah, Lorelai and Luke. We've all been waiting since the very first episode for them to get together, and they did for Season 5, but then the soap opera-like plot of Luke having a daughter appeared and ruined everything. Thankfully, they made up in the last episode so at least we know they'll be together. Even though many fans were angry how short their makeup kiss was, I'm glad the episode focussed on Rory and Lorelai.
Now the goodbye starts. Thank you Stars Hollow folks for all the quirkiness and craziness that you've brought to the show. Even though Suki can get a bit irritating with her squealing, Michel's whining in his French accent is just way funny. And there is just so much to them: Lane and her secret life; Mrs Kim and her antique shop; Taylor and his town meetings; Kirk and his many businesses; Babette gossiping with Ms Patty...
Paris is possibly my second favourite character on the show. My gosh, she is just too funny. I LOVE all the scenes she's in. Her crazy ranting, plotting and scheming and over-achieving. Remember Paris at the Washington leadership conference thing, and her preparing for her first date with Jamie? Remember Paris breaking down in front of national television, announcing she had sex but didn't get into Harvard? Remember Rory and Paris attempting to do Spring Break the 'right way' in Florida? Remember how before they graduated, Paris surrounded her and Rory's flat with charts and lists of things to do before graduating? Barneys Girl and I want a friend who is so organised and motivated like that! I'm going to miss her so much!
Last but not least, the grandparents. While it's always funny to see Lorelai trying to avoid Emily and Richard, it's also heart-warming to see the family moments. Kelly Bishop and Edward Herrmann were absolutely fantastic on the show and really delivered both the funny and emotional scenes. Rewatching the old episodes, you really see how Lorelai became closer to her parents and how they've finally accepted Lorelai as she is.
<p>This is the last scene from the first ever episode. I love how the show never (or almost had no) major drama and was always about the everyday lives of the girls.
Which is why I loved how the show ended -the last episode covered everything that needed to be covered. The last scene was back to the way the show is, which is random chattering between the girls and them getting coffee at Lukes. I've wanted the show to end with this exact scene for years so I'm glad they did. *Sobs again* This is the only fictional thing that I've ever felt so much at the end. I thought Lauren Graham (hate how Emmy snubs her) and Alexis Bledel (perfect as the pretty, quiet girl) were perfect for their roles -so thank you girls for the seven years of hard work!
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I never really watched Gilmore Girls but when I did I really liked it. Oh haha, you forgot to mention when Adam Brody was on it... (I've never seen it but I want too. Can never find the episode. I am a die hard A.R. fan haha) I want to start watching it from the beginning.. I've watched some of the first season. I just dont have the time! And when I start watching a show on dvd thats all I want to do... just keep watching. Anyways I will probably break down and watch it soon. I didnt' know it had ended. Man Rory's boyfriends were HOT! Haha! Anyways I love your blog. I love love love how much the two of you post. I read a few other blogs and they seriously take forever in between posts. But thank you so much for doing this! I love your fashion sense. Anyways have a great day!

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I'm going to miss this show so much... when I watched the final episode I cried and it's probably because I watched all seven seasons with my mom and we really connected with the Lorelai-Rory interaction. Now my mom passed away this year so you can imagine how emotional I was when I watched the end. I identified when Rory said goodbye to Lorelai, I know it's different but that's how I felt it.

posted by adenarose

Not only was it an absolutely fun, witty show but I loved watching the clothes in each episode. The finale made me obsessed with hoodies! Lorelai in a fabulous Primp anchor zip-up and Rori with the adorable green short sleeve piece (perhaps Juicy) first worn zipped up and then worn open over a collared woven. You can totally tell the seasons apart by what these fashionistas are wearing.

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i'm not sad the show ended since i stopped wathcing so many years ago but i guess it was a good show for young girls. At the moment there are way too many reality shows out there, hardly any family shows.

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posted by Kristyn

I loved Gilmore Girls, I loved that it was smart, it wasn't patronising and it didn't revolve around cheap gags or one-liners. I loved how fast-talking it was without ever losing any of the character development or emotion.

posted by AHarris

I totally understand that pop culture and fashion go hand in hand, but it's beginning to feel like every other blog is a movie/TV "book report." At the very least, you could talk about the fashion in the movie/TV shows that you go on about. Seriously, it's time to talk about all of the crazy sh*t going on at the CFDA's, or at ELLE, or the best bathing suits.....anything else.

posted by Helena


I always read your blog i just love it!!

is so nice you like Gilmore Girls too

i heared a lot of things about the end, it was not perfect,luke lorelai shor time together and other stuff..but im agree with you the end was perfect !! but to the origine

countinue with your blog


posted by laure

I agree with AHarris... although I enjoyed your post because I am a pretty big GG fan as well, I would have felt otherwise if this was about another TV show. While some of your past posts (such as one about the O.C.) was more a fashion-TV critique hybrid post, your posts recently are getting to be more off-topic... just would like to see more fashion-related posts in the future, that's all :). I do love the majority of your posts though!!

posted by fashionworld

This was my favorite show :( I just saw the final episode last week....it was really good, it ended the way it had to end...the two of them doing what they like best talking with each other and eating at lukes...I'm going to miss the show..:(

posted by mimi

personally, i dont mind the non-fashion blogs. i know you've reported on gilmore girls fashion in the past so it's only natural you'd talk about the finale!

gilmore girls is such a wonderful show, and really did have wonderful fashion! most notably: lorelai's wrap dresses, rory's gorgeous pink floral blouse (can't remember the designer!), the blue dress rory wore to dinner at logan's parents mansion, lorelai's puffy bright blue winter jacket.. plus heaps more adorable outfits!

anyways, i love all your blogs. keep up the good work.

posted by Kristin Gemma

I love Gilore Girls and I am so sad that's its over now! I loveRory's style in particular, and she's just so pretty, its always a compliment when someone tells me that I look like her. I think its great that you're talking about things other than fashion. Fashion isn't just pretty clothes or nice handbags anymore, its a lifestyle and its an attitude. So I believe that your nonfashion related posts are greatand I love listening to what you have to say!

and besides its a blog, and you can post about whatever you want.

posted by Anonymous

No, please, keep up the Gilmore/TV posts. Why do people want it to be clinically fashion oriented? Just skip these entries if you're not interested!

posted by Anonymous

I'm gonna miss Gilmore Girls. It's the only show that I watch weekly besides Heroes! Rory and Lorelai had such great casual styles.

posted by AVA

Reading this made me gloomy all over again, like I did 4 weeks ago watching the final episode. I've always loves gilmore girls, but never 'really' followed it untill somewhere in season 4 I think. So I decided to watch them all over again on the internet.
Great blog you've got by the way!

posted by Meg

I'm going to really miss Gilmore Girls. I used to watch it with my roommate whom I was very, very close to. Even though I recorded it on our DVR, we'd let the theme song play so we could sing along. February 28th this year we spent the night catching up on three episodes that were on the DVR. We weren't going to watch them all, but her laundry was taking a while drying. Little did I know that my husband (the three of us lived together, but our relationship with her was platonic) had checked her laundry in the dryer, realized that she had packed it way too tight, but decided to let her learn her lesson since she was still getting the hang of doing her own laundry. I'm glad we got the extra time together. The next morning she was in a fatal car accident. I'll always remember her sitting there with me singing along. The last few episodes were tough to watch, since I cried at the theme song. I still let it play, though, and tried to sing a bit. I hate that the show is gone, but it is rather fitting in a way for me. It's the end of an era for sure.

posted by Anonymous

pssht psssht, come on! there was a point in which u guys were praising the o.c as well so no do not go complaining that it was only for standing around lockers, etc. o.c kicks ass, the fashion in it kicks as, and u guys know it. this may be good to too, but the o.c is finee as well.

posted by Julie

*sigh* i miss gilmore girls and their entertaining antics...
there just aren't that many shows like that airing nowadays. and the u jump i jump jack thing where they jump in prom gear and parasoles? priceless, one of my fave tv moments :)
however all love put aside, as much as i miss gilmore i would like u to post more on fashion...or at least more on the fashion of the show.
come on, it's thanks to gilmore girls that i became aware of the existence of the birkin bag and all that ivy league style is quirky and cute.

posted by The Stiletto Effect

I love this show

posted by Anonymous

I loved Gilmore Girls. It was my favorite tv show, and I still watch it sometimes on ABC Family. I loved Rory's style once she began college. It just completely evolved from there. I agree with many though...that this is YOUR blog and you should post whatever you want! However, one of my favorite things (and the only one that kept me watching once the show kind of went down hill) were the clothes Rory and Lorlai wore! I loved seeing what Rory especially wore, since her character's and my fashion choices are somewhat, a little similar. You should definitely, definitely, definitely post a "Gilmore Girls Style Tribute" post or something like that. I think so many people would love that.

posted by Ally

Another filler post!

Darn, and I thought this blog would go back to talking about fashion. I'm dreading the soon-to-be post on what music you like again.

posted by Helen

I agree with the "it's your blog, so you can write about whatever you want" line of thinking. If people don't like it, they can skip those posts or find another fashion blog to frequent. Keep up the fabulous work!

posted by Anonymous

*tears* I'll miss it too. No other show can make the everyday mundane life aspects seem interesting. I like that the Gilmore Girls didn't have excessive drama and it stuck to the main premise of the story, the relationship between mother and daugther and how Rory grows up. It was fun seeing Rory go through high school and then Yale and off into the real world. lol And I also like watching Rory's fashion sense evolve. I rewatch the earlier season's and I'm like, eck, at Rory's style. That flat long hair and plain, flat clothing. I've loved watching each episode to see what she wears. I really loved some of her dresses that she wore at the Yale Daily News. And her outerwear, she has classic yet very stylish outercoats.

posted by eye4style

Great tribute! I love GG as well...was sad to see it go.

posted by Asian Models Blogger

I stopped watching it when Rory and Lorelai stopped talking three seasons ago.

posted by Mia

I just LOVE them. It was best American series ever. I will miss their charming intelligent dialogues.

posted by pemora

thanks for posting this! i adored the show and loved your tribute.

posted by Anonymous

Hey Ally!

If you don't like it DONT READ IT! And if they want to post about what music they like THEY CAN POST ABOUT WHAT MUSIC THEY LIKE!!!! This is THEIR blog not yours!!! If you don't like the way this one is going then please go and make your own! And this goes to everyone else who is complaining about this blog too!!!!! Blogs are where people come to blog about things they like!!! Sure the name of it is I Am Fashion but that doesn't mean every single post has to be about fashion!! Another thing.... they post FAR more then most good blogs post! So really your lucky to come on here just about every day and see a new post....

Thanks! And please be considerate and don't come onto someone's BLOG (place they can go and blog about what they love) and rip on it because it's not exactly to your taste. Make your own darn blog.

posted by Anonymous

No kidding... the name isn't I am fashion and only fashion and nothing else... they didn't sign a legal document stating they would only blog on fashion now did they?

posted by spanishgirl

Gilmore Girls.... I love this show!! The dialogues were so funny! And all the charecteres were brilliant. I'm gonna miss it sooooo much :'(

Anyway, good job with the blog ;)

posted by Claudia

it was a sad ending :( i've watched gg since episode one(i was 13 i think i'm almost 19 now ;p) but i guess the ending did cover it well, how lorelai told rory that when you meet the right person 'you won't want to hesitate'(as she did with max and christopher but not with luke). and how rory told her she gave her everything she needs. this show definitely has been a great part of my life. :(

posted by Helen

I'm so sad the show ended too - though I was a little annoyed that Lorelai told Rory that if she had met the right person she wouldn't have hesitated... I keep day dreaming that Logan and Rory will meet again later on down the track and have their happily ever after.

posted by chrissynb

OMG I love the Gilmore girls......cant imagine why we dont get it in India now..so many new seasons......but none for us......how do I lay my hands on the 2nd season onwards? Do you think U tube would have it?

posted by chrissynb

Oh and also....I love your blogskin....it suits your blog so much....i want to design my blog much better but don't kno where to start!!

posted by may

i stumbled upon your blog. I love your tribute! plus the well-chosen pics from the show. =)

posted by Girl

oh i love the movie)

posted by xabistuff

there will be no more gilmore girls.. we gilmore girls fans cannot allow this to happen.. i dont wana watch another tv series except gilmore girls.. i signed a petition at this link, help me and tell everybody about this..

posted by xabistuff

Gimore Girls to return? read this news for more info

posted by Sophie

I love gilmore girls . I'm only fourteen years old so I can relate a bit more to the earlier seasons of the gilmore girls . I especially loved the episodes with the guys in them like dean and jess rorys 2 first boyfriends it was a joy for me to see the bond between Lorelai and Rory but it was a shame it season 6 when they stopped talking to eachother . My favourite character was and will always be Rory Gilmore with Lorelai right behind her lol they were delightful .
No offence to Logan , but i have always thought that Dean and Rory were destined to be together .
I am sooo crazy about the gilmore girls that this chirstmas i am getting all of the seasons on DVD seasons 1-7 I am over the moon excited !!! Gilmore girls will always be my fav show . Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel are the two most gorgeous people I have ever seen on tv !! Its a shame to see the show go ! I would of loved there to be a eigth season !!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Anonymous

i think that if i could, id marry logan huntzberger..if he were real..god i love gilmore girls.

posted by Brittney

I adore your page on the Gilmore Girls! I have watched every single episode (and bought all 7 seasons on DVD!) and I still can't get enough of them! I love the comedy, the fashion, and the heartwarming moments. I wish Stars Hollow really did exist! I was wondering if anyone knew what company/designer made Rory's burgundy floral dress in "The Breakup Part 2" when she kisses Tristan? Also, anyone know who made Rory's black suit/blazer in "Gilmore Girls Only" (season 7). It's the third/last one she tries on and says it's "a stunning suit". I absolutely adore it! Thanks!

posted by rania

Who don't like the Gilmore girls Episode?Every person like this episode.Because it is amazing and fantastic show.Something different in this show.

posted by bookbabe14

Gilmore Girls has been my life. I can't remember why I started to watch it- I think because I am like Lorelai in so many ways. I have wanted her life and everythign she has- love, a great daughter, amazing friends and a great job. I think I am most like her because I dont' get along with my parents and I can't make a realitionship last very long (even though I've only had 1-haha). I made a wish every night that she could be my mother or my best friend. I realize that that will never happen, but hey a girl can dream; can't she? Gilmore Girls has given me inspiration and support whenever I kneeded it. What about anyone else? Who is your favorite character? Mine is Rory Gilmore and Lorelai Gilmore. I'm 14 so I can relate to the early years in Gilmore Girls. I get many ideas for my books that I write from this show. Sorry if I talked too much, but I LOVE this show. Hope someone loves this show as much as I do.

posted by Anonymous

My fav show!!!! When I'm sad, stressed etc. watching Gilmore girls and their ability to deal with their problems just puts me back in a good mood.

Yes, there really was no big drama but I think that this is why I liked the show so much! I was able to understand what the characters felt and needed becouse the show was all about that - simply living your life as best as you can.

posted by Cindy L

Thanks for this nostalgic review of the most wonderful series ever. I'm not a young girl -- but fell in love with this show while I was recovering from surgery and happened to run across it on the WB. I was hooked. I bought the entire set on DVD -- as did my best friend, who's also middle-aged. This show was witty, well written -- and oh yes, the fashion moments were inspiring too!

posted by Rachel

They used to show Gilmore Girls in the UK years ago then they stopped roughly after Rory went to Yale and luke and lorlai split up the first time, which was balls! They recently started showing ti again last year and I finally got to see all of the series and the final episode which i felt was 'Lukes' episode, all that made me angry was that the Lorelai/luke reunin was so short! Almost perfect ending for the perfect programme

posted by Alli

I love Gilmore Girls. Period. What a cool blog.

posted by Brittany

I love love love 'Gilmore Girls'...I wish Rory and Logan would have stayed together....and I still wish they would come out with a movie to follow them after the show like 'Sex and the City' did. I would love it.

posted by terrance

it was a wonderful show to watch anybody who is sensitive enough to understand the value of relationships would love Gilmore girls TV show. i loved to watch it but now missing it

posted by marria

A nice review about the show. I was looking a site for this show and got this post and here I got a a site for this show here. Thanks terrance for sharing this link here..

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